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Do you know Him?

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Shortbread Tea Bags


Shortbread Tea Bags

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So there’s only 10 more days left in the HOT103 commercial contest! Take a look, and share with friends… We’re hoping to take Al and Pauline out for some Chinese food (particularly the lemon chicken they talked about so much during the 5 hours of making this 30 second commercial) after all is said and done. :) ENJOY!


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Stumblin’ & Tumblin’

     For a long time, my Christian life was nothing spectacular. It happened on Sunday mornings and that’s it. I prayed throughout the week, but it was so that I could do well on tests at school or for my next paycheck to come in sooner so that I could go shopping. 

     My relationship with Jesus was only on the surface. I never knew what sort of love He truly has for me.

     Growing up in church, I never had any doubts about whether I would be going to heaven or hell after I die. I was very comfortable and did not feel the need to pursue a deeper connection with God. 

     Little did I know that my complacency became the doorway for depression and anxiety to creep into my life. I don’t know exactly when I began to develop a twisted impression of Jesus but surely it was not the truth of what the Bible says. In high school, I lost myself in trying very hard to fit in and be accepted by my peers. I believed the lies of the world that whispered to me that as long as I did certain things, wore this kind of clothing, and talked about these things that I would find true friends and have security in that. What a deceiving trick! 

     In grade 12, I got plugged into a cell group through IWC. I was the youngest person in this Bible study with all the other members being university students. I began to see that my life was not at all in line with the will God had for me. I wanted to change, but I didn’t know how at first. I said to myself: “I’m a Christian, I know who Jesus is but why is there such a huge gap between the promises of God and my life right now?” That question led me to find out for myself what this Christian faith is all about and how I could experience God for real.

     It’s a funny and haphazard journey from that point in time to now. I started to pay attention more in church. I would observe the leaders, take lots of notes during the services, and go home and follow the Bible reading plan that IWC offered to all of its members. I continued this search throughout my last year of high school and into first year of university. I kept running into the same thing over and over again, and it was that God is good and those who follow Him are blessed. 

    The summer after first year, something inside of me clicked. I made a decision in July 2010 to come back home to God. Since then, I’ve been affirmed in every way about His love for me personally. I know that His thoughts towards me are more than the sand and stars. It’s sort of insane actually, to accept the love of Christ.

     My life has drastically turned around since that summer. No longer do I obsess over how I look or what other people think of me. In fact, I am so happy with who God made me to be that I’m eager to serve and praise Him all the time. He took my heart that was cowering behind a facade of ‘cool’ and brought it back to life. 

     I’m realizing that God doesn’t live inside of the four walls of a building called church, but He lives inside the hearts of men and women who have believed in the name of Jesus for salvation. The journey of saying, “Yes, God, I want to know you, come and change me.” is the best one any person can ever go on. 

     Stay tuned as Jesus takes the lead… Next stops include Sierra Leone, Africa and Halifax, Nova Scotia! Take care tumblrs.

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‘the hunger games’ cupcakes.


‘the hunger games’ cupcakes.

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Yay thanks Jess!!! :)


A headband I made for Ruth! Made out of a repurposed old cotton shirt!
Clearly, I tested it out before I gave it to you :)
Happy Belated! 

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